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Interviews and workshops

Am I A Bad Therapist?

Decolonize Your Practice

Silvana joins Allie and Kathryn to talk about unsupportive systems in mental health that can make you feel like you are not good at being a therapist.


The Heart-Centered Therapist

Decolonize Your Therapy Practice: Recognizing Oppressive Systems in Mental Health

Silvana and Sindee talk about how to recognize oppressive systems in mental health that impact clients and therapists. We explore practical examples of how to decolonize our personal and professional selves.

The Abundant Practice Podcast

Decolonizing Your Practice

Silvana joins Allison to share ways in which you can make your practice more accessible & what unconventional ethical therapy can include.

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A Therapist Can't Say That

Balancing Goals and Healing in Therapy: Navigating The Tension

Silvana talks about how to decolonize therapy by assessing where we’re actually trying to go with clients, how to help them heal not just get better, and how to make sense of the sometimes different agendas between client and therapist by using connection and curiosity.

Money Skills For Therapists

Decolonizing Through Connection

Linzy and Silvana explore the connection between implicit and overt messaging and therapists’ relationship to money. Silvana shares practical ways to push against systemic oppression while also increasing personal and professional well-being.


Therapists Next Door

Dirndls and Decolonizing Mental Health

Silvana talks about how to decolonize private practices, the importance of community and much more!

gatHER and HEAL

Decolonize Your Private Practice and Beyond

Silvana breaks down what it means for clinicians to: (1) work within a colonized system, (2) what we can do about it, (3) and how to embody decolonization even beyond our practices.

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Rebel Therapist

Creating A Unique Group Program

Silvana talks about creating a program that is truly liberated in its format, following her values and rhythms.

IG conversation

Decolonizing and creating anti-oppressive private practices

Silvana and Ariana talk about  about coming home to yourself, setting up a private practice, and being embodied in embracing decolonized values.

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